Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Into Advent and beyond

Advent began this week. Last year, the church and tone bell choirs presented a Hanging of the Greens service as our seasonal “program.” But this year--I retired last December--the minister decided against the long-established service.
Sis Barb, a church musician in Arlington VA, who was to fly out of Little Rock at five pm on Saturday, didn’t leave until seven, due to mechanical problems on the plane. She missed her connecting flight from Dallas by fifteen minutes and had to spend the night at a Dallas Hilton – without her toiletries or fresh clothes. She did not make her church service, and no organists were available to sub. None of us is indispensable, of course, and church went on anyway.
So far, during these three seasons--Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas, I've heard the Henderson State University choir, which includes my grandson, sing Messiah. Other concerts I want to attend are Amahl and the Night Visitors and Bach to Christmas by the AR Chamber Singers.
Those, and the local church choir concert on December 15 may be the extent of my traveling around for music's sake.
May you each strive for peace as you prepare for the seasons of Advent and Christmas. #

Saturday, November 20, 2010

More good words for A Journey of Choice

"I just finished your new book and the saddest chapter at the end--said THE END. I wasn't ready for that.
Lay down everything but your pen and paper and write!!!! You so nailed the time period and the charactors were so vivid. What a nice thing to do for future generations and even current folks to let them peek at a life style so true and pure. I know it was fiction, but I expect to run into those folks around
the corner.
The book reminded me of one written long ago by Christopher Morley, KITTY FOYLE, it was good but I liked yours better. Jessica Lange, the actress said Kitty Foyle was the best book she had ever read. Jessica lives in Stillwater, MN and an actress I admire.
You have to write another soon, so I can get those poor folks off my mind. I loved your format, but will settle for any---just write!!!"

Barbara Stefan to Pat:
"I can hardly put your book down to go to work!!! Almost finished, then I'll write more." XOXO Barbara

Barbara Stefan to Pat:
"I came home at lunch yesterday to finish your book. I only have one question: WHEN IS THE SEQUEL COMING OUT????!!!!
I liked the chapter lengths, and the way you skipped forward in time, plot twists. I do not like the cover - too modern a dress, confusing.
Hope you're getting lots of royalties! Book signings? You WILL sign mine!
Love ya, famous Hoochie!" Barbara

Friday, November 12, 2010

Mid-November already?

Autumn is my favorite time of year. That is, when I can get out in it. And so far, I've been outside much of November. One of retirement's perks is the freedom, the leisure to bask in the luxury and ambience (or ambiance, if you prefer) of nature. Not only do I read the paper, but I can also observe the constantly changing landscape that inspires haiku, cinquains or tanka.

Six cats
gobble cheap food
from the sides of a cake
pan. A kitten plops down in the
four identical
coal-black cats with yellow eyes
my son calls The Moors
mild autumn morning
changing my writing venue
to face far-off woods
a flock of blackbirds
suddenly settles into
yonder hayfield
and just as suddenly rises
to glean another place
looking through
red-berried holly
to see fall's foliage
a cloudless fall sky
large, leafless hackberry
allows bird sightings
a sprig of pink mums
and three azalea blossoms
close enough to touch
sun warming my back
hackberry's yellow-green host
and haven to birds
c lovepat press November 2010
Pat Laster, A Journey of Choice (Amazon/ B&N)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

More readers' comments on A Journey of Choice

My blog is nothing if not a place to brag, blow-your-own-horn, and share what others say -- in this case -- after reading my first novel, A Journey of Choice, (available at Amazon.come and Barnes & Noble.com).

Pat C. said, "The Journey finally came yesterday and I've already finished it. I really enjoyed it, and was fascinated how it has changed through the years." (She was in a critique group that read many of the early chapters.) "I'm so glad Meddie is now Liddy. I can relate to her better.I like your including recipes. Is that really how southerners make dressing? (Yes.) You said that the first paragraph and the last paragraph made the book -- well, you did a great job and I think your ending calls for another book about Liddy's Journey. Congratulations!"

One more -- from Betty H. "Your book is so..............good! I started reading to determine what I thought about it and I decided to keep reading it and stop reading the one I was on. I can't wait to get back to it."

Remember to set your clocks back tonight, Saturday, Nov. 6 '10

Pat Laster