Friday, July 26, 2013

Proverb within a poem

It was easy, the dissolution, legally;
harder is facing the return to autonomy.
How much better our informal partnership
before we decided to incorporate.
In the reasoned light of hindsight,
a more viable option would have been
candlelit, covert meetings,
more passionate than profound,
more exotic than essential.
The rush to merger called down a
curse on hard-won, individual freedoms;
thus the union foundered.
Now, darkness conceals clandestine pleasures.

--PL, from delicious fatigue, 1992

Thursday, July 18, 2013

My very first attempt at writing a poem


A ll alone in the
  B ig house a-
    C ross the street,
      D welt the
        E ffervescent,
           F lamboyant Doctor
             G reengrave.

H ow this
   I llustrious gentleman kept his
     J ealousy hidden from his
       K indred for so
          L ong is a puzzlement to the
            M ind of man.

N evertheless, because the
   O peration to remove a
      P ellet from his gullet--
        Q ueer as it may seem--
           R esulted in his green color, he was

S tung by unkind remarks of small
   T ykes who passed him on the street. He
     U sually became depressed and ended up
       V isiting his friends on
        W ard
          X, off the
             Y ellow Room, at the
               Z oological Gardens.

Maybe it's not a poem yet, but it was my first effort in the graduate class, Writing Across the Curriculum, Benton High School, Summer, 1984, taught by Sue Perry, to whom I will always be grateful.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Journey through July

"Weather Change"

Wished for,
begged for, prayed for
for days--finally the
summer weather pattern aligns:
it rains!!

         I could
         have predicted
         it for today: I woke
         up sneezing, dripping--always a
         sure sign.

The grass,
the flowers, trees,
rivers--and my car--all
needed a life-giving drink. Prayers

ACs off
and windows open
   --in July?

great slabs of bark
at the base of the oak
a pine seedling

warning click and buzz--
the cat too close

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Poems written on this year's Fourth of July

from Goodle images
evening, July 3rd
the night bugs nearly as loud
as the fireworks
mockingbird using
its full vocabulary
this 4th of July
morning picnic
on July 4th
sans the heat and noise
mockers on both sides
one scolds the cat ... the other
trilling happily
Independence Day
July the 4th,
it's 60 degrees--cool
enough to don my terrycloth
fourth picnic
happens at nine-
thirty a. m., with
a hot dog (cold: yum-yum),
Frito Scoops, whole almonds, and
watermelon pieces. I can
view the porch flag, listen to the birds,
read the paper, exult in our freedoms.
c Pat Laster, written 7.4.'13, Couchwood