Thursday, November 29, 2012

The first heavy frost: haiku sequence

by Pat Laster
rocking the feeder--
first heavy frost
first heavy frost--
a lone yellow maple leaf
fluttering downward
first heavy frost--
the pinkness of roses
and azaleas
first heavy frost--
the burning bush fiery
in morning's sun
first heavy frost--
a thin layer of ice
in the bird bath
first heavy frost--
inside this old house
all heaters humming
written November 28, 2012
c 2012 by Pat Laster, Benton AR

Saturday, November 24, 2012

An extraordinary Thanksgiving weekend

by Pat Laster

         A traditional gathering of family--three generations--boasted several once-in-a-lifetime happenings: a sibling turned 70; another sibling and his wife celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary; a third sibling from Virginia flew in for the occasions; a newly-married, second-generation couple were added to our midst, and a family flew in from Portland, which included the third generation, aged (nearly) two.
          The daughter-in-law of the nearly 70-year-old colluded with the hostess--another sibling--to plan and carry out a surprise birthday party. It worked beautifully.
          Plus, the Thanksgiving table was side-to-side, end-to-end dishes of food--for the meat-eaters AND the vegetarians.
          That night, before retiring, I read two issues of a haiku publication and whenever a thought or image or idea came, I wrote my own. Some of them follow.

morning sun
outline of a maple leaf
on my windshield

the Enterprise clerk
rubs something across
the twenty-dollar bills

the only one
of our group who likes
flavored coffee

we sing the blessing
and record it for the one
who is missing
   later, he reports
   that it brought him to tears

slow-cooker compote
forgotten during dinner--
an autumn shower

Thanksgiving evening
while the dishwasher runs
she solves Sudoku

one side of the room
I read and write haiku
sister tries to sleep

even asleep
a tune running
through my head

c 2012 by Pat Laster, Benton AR USA

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Autumn haiku/senryu

by Pat Laster
fields now white with frost
soon return to green and brown
with the autumn sun
under colored leaves
the last windfall pear
badminton at dusk
noises from the sweet gum
scare us inside
from sleeping-bag warmth
your coffee perks me awake
time for the boat ride

eyes wide
to take in the dark sky
around Jupiter

drifting past
silent cliff and branches
a lone canoeist

the sound of rain
but none falling
only the leaves

c 2012 by Pat Laster dba lovepat press


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Arkansas Highway 23 (Pig Trail): New England and the Carolinas have nothing on the Ozarks in autumn

Preparing to return to the "valley" of Central Arkansas
(cinquain sequence)
by Pat Laster

As on
the first morning,
on this last one, I dress
warmly, but not bundled --like on
that cold

in October.
Now the clocks are turned back
and I sit on the porch once more,

in fall.
There goes a squirrel
across Spring Street. A bird
chitters. Farther up the mountain,
a crow.

upon layer
of ancient limestone keeps
the mountainside at bay and safe
for our

Maples, redbuds,
 gums, oaks and hickories--
fiery in fall colors--contrast
with pine,

Ivy, clinging
like a needy woman,
will eventually kill its host.

will spring
into the space
like children when parents
die. I can imagine being

of this
piece of Eden.
Alas, all things must end.
I bid Dairy Hollow goodbye

next spring.
Writers who come
after this, treat yourselves;
great heights of creative spirit

c 2012 by Pat Laster dba lovepat press, Benton Arkansas

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Even writers have fun on Halloween

Writers Colony at Dairy Hollow, Eureka Springs Arkansas. L. to R. Pat L. and Dorothy J., central  Arkansas; Talya B., Dallas and Fayetteville; Tom S., New Hampshire. The photographer was another resident, Joan B. from Ontario.

Cinquains for autumn

weekend: Ozarks'
cold snap means bundling up
for outside activities--like
story maple--
mostly green with yellow--
will soon add its oranges to
out the Ozarks'
brightness--for shame!-- its glare
on my computer distracts from
The first
biker I've heard
during this writing stint--
It's the weekend, so it won't be
the last.
I joined
Facebook after
saying I never would.
Does peer pressure exist among

c 2012 by Pat Laster dba lovepat press, Benton Arkansas