Thursday, May 28, 2015

A fish-poem assignment run amok

Bing image
A wee silverfish
hides in a china cup
in the cupboard's dark.
Thirsty in springtime,
I reach, finger a delicate piece
for morning's coffee.
Oh, blech! I exclaim
and drown the interloper
under the tap,
wash and dry the frilly cup,
fill it with black liquid.
Later, at Goodwill,
I spy a sparkly circle--
stones the shape of silverfish--
amethysts and opals,
emeralds and rubies
encased like stained glass
in metal. No errant
piece to escape
and nest in my china cup
like a silverfish.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

blogging about birds: poems

Google image
up early
but not before
the birds
"On the Front Porch"
a flutter,  like
a flag flipping, I look
up to see a crested bird fly
and yon--
on the swing chains,
the wind chimes and the bricks.
"What are you looking for?" I asked.
it flew.
# 166-15
the nerve!
a mockingbird
mocking me

brown thrasher
and thrashes
in the birdbath
fluffs, then flies

by a redbird
who sits a spell
(testing the temp?)
before bathing

c 2015 PL

Monday, May 11, 2015

Blogging with a poem about writing and cooking

Left Brain, Write Brain
( a villanelle)

This morning, seeking strong iambic line,
I'll heed a heady hankering to cook.
By suppertime, both food and lines will shine.

Thesaurus on the table where we dine,
its dog-eared pages ready for a look
this morning, seeking strong iambic line.

Beef bouillon cubes lie melting into brine
for cabbage, prairie onions from the brook.
By suppertime, both food and lines will shine.

I boil potatoes, eggs to cut up fine;
doorbell unplugged, the wall phone off the hook
this morning, seeking strong iambic line.

I bake fat oatmeal cookies, sweet outline
of finished meal--at least in Rombauers' book.
By suppertime, both food and lines will shine.

The brain lobes, left and right, somehow combine
to write and cook--how little time it took!
This morning, seeking strong iambic line,
by suppertime, both food and lines will shine.

c 2015 PL, written while living in Arkadelphia, 1997-2002

Sunday, May 3, 2015

(Mostly) Modern tanka for May

MODERN TANKA do not have to stick to the traditional 5-7-5-7-7 form if the image(s) can be seen in fewer syllables.

muffled radio
and hammering
at the nearby building site--
my outside coffee/news place

May 8, 2012

FOUND tanka

"The marathon . . .
a learning experience
that keeps on teaching . . ."
never enter another
without a post-race goal

- idea from Celia Storey, AD-G,
May 12. 2003

small, 2-college town--
without PhD after
your name, you're no one
especially in churches
with large music ministries

[traditional form]
May 18, 1999, Arkadelphia

bouquet of clover
privet and honeysuckle
plus dandelions
   the strong scent
   reminds me of Mother

May 12, 2010

thumbing through GLAMOUR
in the Texaco station
waiting room
hurry fellows,
it's beginning to rain

May 18, 2006
c 2015, PL, dba lovepat press