Friday, February 28, 2014

"Will winter ever end?" some folks ask

a single, brave bird
tries its winter-dormant voice:
spring-a-soon, spring's soon!

[from delicious fatigue, 1992]

two feet of snow there
yet the geese fly northward--
early March dawn

[premier edition, Hermitage, Romania, 2004]

in the median
black Lab

[from Measuring March, 2003,
 published in Muse of Fire]

ice storm--
a vine
without its host

[Measuring March, 2003]
c lovepat press, 2014, PL

Monday, February 24, 2014

Accelerando-- a poem

The new year's resolutions made,
in February's fabric fade.
Like each day's blue and rosy dawn,
another month has come and gone.
So many noble goals were set,
like cleaning oven, closet; yet,
a week passed by with every yawn!
Another month has come and gone.
The pundits say the way to gauge
time's flight is by advancing age.
Good reason why, though plans were drawn,
another month has come and gone.
A Kyrielle pattern
c 2014, PL, lovepat press
from variations, 1994

Thursday, February 13, 2014

(Google Image)
widows kiss
parking lot attendant--
maybe tonight. . .
she does the two-step
with aplomb
out-of-state Reserves
sample local scene
moon chaperone
bold redneck
teaching dance instructor
a new step
popular band lures
woodsmen to town--
hounds in pickup
old men sit and smoke
dream of other nights
lonely in a crowd--
lovers cling
to saxophone wail
frogs croak louder
band sounds fainter--
going home early
PL, from windfall persimmons, 1995, lovepat press

Thursday, February 6, 2014

In memory of Dr. Howard Nobles, poet, baseball fan, friend

Public domain baseball image from Google
Here are several pieces from the late Howard Nobles' (Benton AR) 2004 book, Poems From A Baseball Fan (Publish America/ Baltimore). He died December 5, 2013 at age 71. He was a long-time member of the Poets' Roundtable of Arkansas, serving a term as president, and active in the Saline County branch of PRA, serving as vice-president and president. He loved to make fun of politics and politicians as his limericks often showed. He also loved baseball.
Williams was with Boston.
Mantle was a Yank.
I once knew
   who was who.
But today?
I must be frank.
I don't know
   who is who,
Or what team
   they're on.
About the time
   I think I know
Is the time that
   they are gone.
I do not really know
   who is really who
For one day they're wearing red,
   the next they're in the blue.
I liked it better when,
   and, again, I must be frank,
I knew who was a Dodger,
   a Tiger or a Yank.
[page 17]
There once was a lad from St. Paul
Who could really whack a baseball.
     He hit one with such force
     That it killed a large horse
After crashing through a brick wall.
An error-prone shortstop named Neft
Admitted that he was not deft.
   "I miss balls day and night
   That are hit to my right.
I also miss balls to my left."
God rest Howard's soul and may his memory live forever. PL