Monday, July 25, 2011

Computer woes worsen before getting better

After the third trip to two computer "fix-it" places, I called Microsoft/contact us. The first girl was helpful and talked to me from Panama City, Panama. The second--she forwarded me--was a man "30-minutes-from-Buffalo" who gave me the number of the place that would absolutely solve any problem I had. BUT, he lied. First, I had to pass the robot answering machine, and when I couldn't say that I was both on my computer (I was) and had the activation wizard in front of me (I didn't),he said he couldn't help and hung up on ME! I called again and kept punching the "0" until I got a real person, but I couldn't understand anything she said except "Maam" which sounded like "Mahm." I finally had to hang up--about at the end of my rope (pun intended).
I ordered an Outlook Office 2010!!! It's installed, tho I had to uninstall my Office 07 and two other related programs, BECAUSE I ordered 64-bit and those had 32.
I haven't yet checked to see if I can work on my files. If I can't, I'll probably do something really drastic!!!!!!!
Meanwhile,some poems.


The grave-
yard's being split
between Senate districts.
Living leaders fuss, but the dead
don't care.

taxis, four-lanes
deep as far as the eye
can see, block streets in Greece--drivers
on strike.

The wind
blows fierce, hies all
my rugs away--those old
ones cov'ring inch-wide gaps in porch

dead-animal smell
shriveled earthworm on the walk
and yellowed hosta
this 3-digit weather
requires watering--or death

c July 2011 by lovepat press

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Computer woes - worse this time than before

After he saved all my information on a thumb drive, Mr. Tech wiped my computer clean.
I spent an hour this morning reading on in Roy Blount Jr.'s Alphabetter Juice while the recovery drive restored my stuff. Yet, I still can't access my up-link account or my document folder, and I only found this "favorite"--my blog-- by "googling" it on my browser. The list of "favorites" is gone. My myriad newspaper columns appear to be gone. Oh, I hope they are somewhere on that thumb drive.Guess I need to call Stephen who repaired the computer after Julian only thought it was repaired. It cost me nothing the second time but a Lexar thumb drive to back up all my files. Then Stephen wiped it clean--as clean as if it came from the factory, he said. (He was amazed that I had no back-up discs. Tsk, tsk.)

July 8.

treetops and roof vents
moving this summer morning
cool in the shadows
cat joins me
on the picnic-table bench
his white paws so white
July 11

in the freshly
filled birdbath on this mid-
summer, 3-digit temp, humid
a slight July breeze
the gift Mandevilla
swivels slowly
the AC broken
why do I swelter with two
fans in the attic?

July 13

all of a sudden
a north wind furls the flag
cools my shoulders--
and just as quickly
is gone
eighty-two degrees
at six o'clock a.m.
a dove calls
July 14

earth-shaking thunder
preceding the needed rain
during this mid-summer day--
afterwards, a full rainbow
arcing the southern sky
dropped ten degrees since this
time yesterday when a t-storm
roared through.
A cup
of fresh coffee--
half caff and half decaf--
with a packet of sweetener, tastes

c July 18 2011 by Pat Laster dba lovepat press
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Monday, July 11, 2011

Still July; still hot in central Arkansas USA

"Former Hospital Employee"

his cable bill
with funds he netted when
pawning wedding rings from a dead
patient. [from the newspaper]

waking myself
and my bunkmate
by dream singing [actual]

an east breeze
furling the flag
cooling the swing [actual]

"In a Distant Galaxy" (a Sen-News pattern)

the flash: a black hole
sucking in a sun-sized star
that wandered too close [news]
in New Zealand,
scene of yet another
earthquake, trapping two folks inside
a church. [news]

"Queen Calico"

by grumbling deep
in her throat when hissing
didn't work, caused a Moor* to back
away. [actual]
* one of the 4 black feral cats who like our catfood

early morning
a bird screeches
from downriver [actual:Cherokee Village AR]

c 2011 by Pat Laster, dba lovepat press
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Monday, July 4, 2011

July--half the year gone already

Each year, JULY spawns many poems.
Here is a sampling.

a few clusters
of crepe myrtle above vines
left for privacy
drinking from the birdbath~
mid-July cool spell
small black butterfly
lighting on the purple bloom
of French mulberry
following the loud
'chit' of a bird, I tiptoe. . .
a brown thrasher eats
hearing planes
but not seeing them
through trees' canopy
fourth generation
of cats too wild to catch
cavort in my yard
early July
morning temp low enough
to sit outside
smell of a dead animal
spoils the ambiance
c 2011 by Pat Laster dba lovepat press