Thursday, October 25, 2012

Is my hill haunted?

by Pat Laster 
Three more
black cats, the same
size as the two who claim
this hill, showed up for breakfast. I
shoo-ed them,
but they
didn't go far,
turned, sat as if to wait
till I left. By then, the breakfast
was gone.
Halloween. My
own free decorations:
on two windowsills, black cats sit
nearly Halloween
egg cartons and tissue rolls
parking lot litter
bright jack o'lantern
guiding goblins' path ... alas 
rainy Halloween
calico crouching
in the trick-or-treat bag
her shining eyes
red lanterns
strung along the dark cavern
of the spook house
c 2012 by Pat Laster dba lovepat press

Friday, October 19, 2012

October's beauty

morning sun
on the reddening dogwood
shining with dew

torrential rains
washing away months of drought
my leaf-clogged drain

running back uphill
the leaves I just swept

wind chimes moving
but mute
finally, the rain

two-dozen sips
by the robin ... even with
honeybees around

in the silence
between passing cars, a bird
sings from a dead branch

a dragonfly
on my chair ... beyond,
a dogfight

on the highwire
with its bushy tail

a black cat
toddles through my pole fence
to the place with dogs

c 2012 by Pat Laster dba lovepat press

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Verna Lee Linxwiler Hinegardner, 1919 - 2012
Requiem for a poet
A poet is dead
and unsaid words
hover restlessly
like birds gathered
on the edge of the nest
feathered to fly.
Your words--
sometimes they scowl
like midnight owls
sometimes they chatter
like guinea hens
sometimes they prowl
like hungry hounds.
Today, your words
echo re-echo
grinding a groove
in my heart.
I need more words.
Humbly I plead:
one more poem, dear poet,
to muffle silence.
--VLH, published in The Saline Courier, Poets Forum edited by Don Crowson October 11, 2012
Daughter - age 5 - Golfing with Daddy
Aren't you glad that I came, Daddy?
Won't we have a lot of fun?
Can I wear your golf hat, Daddy?
I can't see inside the sun!
Let me splash the water, Daddy,
Just like you did with a ball.
Look at all the tulips, Daddy!
Can't I pick some?      None at all?
Can I dig a tunnel, Daddy,
Just like you did in the sand?
Let me rake the sandpile, Daddy.
Hey, you jerked my little hand!
Daddy, I can't find your golf ball.
Is it still up in the tree?
Oh! You said a bad word, Daddy.
Wait till Mom hears that from me!
I don't want to go home, Daddy.
You are going the wrong way!
Can I drive the golf cart, Daddy?
Can we play again some day?
--VLH, published in Seven Ages of Golf (for Women), 1980
Mosaic pieces in this book
are steps I took
along the way
to reach today.
Each piece of life, when put in place
has helped me face
what's yet to be.
Soon, now, we'll see
the final picture my life drew
and I'll show you
my wants, my needs,
my words, my deeds.
--VLH, from the front cover of her last book, Mosaic, published 2011
Verna Lee never copyrighted her books. "Reprints Appreciated" she always said.
For more information on Verna Lee, see my Pitty Patter blog for 10.11.12 and go to (Conway AR) for an obituary. Also, she is included in the Central Arkansas Library's Online Encyclopedia.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Obeisance to October
by Pat Laster

with the needed rain
the struggling zinnias
revive until frost

maple leaf drifting
into ascorbic water
for peeled pears

scenic ridge
full of color last Monday
this Monday, all brown

welcome rain
the dogwood seems to glow
with redness

sycamore's mottled bark
showing through dying leaves
blustery north wind

c 2012 by Pat Laster dba lovepat press