Thursday, October 29, 2015

Bird life in October - poems

'chits' from the far end
of the porch

at the birdbath
but only for a drink

chasing a robin
from the birdbath

red-headed woodpecker--
its morning drink
where I can see                                 

from a beautyberry limb--
   calling kin to water
   or warning foes away?

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

AUTUMN: Theme and Variations

"A Traveler's Meditation" (Amphion)

God's handiwork is all around:
Bright red leaves,
wheat in sheaves,
Fertile farms where flocks abound;
Shaded cows
chew and drowse;
Mountains' multi-colored dress;
draped in shrouds:
God's bounteous works are limitless.
Variation I

"Highway 23 in Autumn" (Neville)

God's handiwork is all around:
in scarlet, yellow leaves
and golden wheat in sheaves.
Sun-burnished pasturelands abound;
leafy groves shading cows
that switch and chew and drowse.
God's goodness--in all life--profound.

Variation II
"Autumn Song" (Pantoum)

God's handiwork is all around,
Magenta, scarlet, yellow leaves;
Sun-burnished pasturelands abound,
Cut, ripened wheat stands bronzed in sheaves.

Magenta, scarlet, yellow leaves,
Umbrella groves of sassafras,
Cut, ripened wheat stands bronzed in sheaves--
a visual banquet unsurpassed.

Umbrella groves of sassafras,
a camouflage for brindle cows,
(a visual banquet unsurpassed)
which nonchalantly chew and drowse.

Like Garland's fresh-shaved stubble, gold,
sun-burnished pasturelands abound,
and I sing with the oriole,
"God's handiwork is all around."

Variation III
"An Autumn Minute" (Minute)

The autumn beauty's everywhere--
in fragrant air,
magenta leaves,
bronzed wheat in sheaves.
Sun-burnished pastures stubbled gold,
lone oriole,
umbrellaed groves
--bovine alcoves--
a visual banquet unsurpassed,
a rich repast.
All senses share
fall/s love affair.

PL - from Variations - published 1994

Monday, October 12, 2015

With Windows 10, I can't get a pic for this poetry blog. So..........

"Being a poet is one of the unhealthier jobs--no regular hours, so many temptations!" - Elizabeth Bishop, found in Book Lover's Calendar for 2015 for the weekend of October 10& 11.

.............. here are some lately-written shorties.


Then don't look!
their fence, they place--
by their full trash bin--more
and smaller bags. They can't see, but
I can!

Mistaken Identity
Help! Help!
An owl swooped down
and snatched my lure; got snagged
on a fish hook. I called the Feds"
"Come quick!"

Around the Homestead
branches brush crisp,
fallen maple leaves on
the barrow trip to the growing
brush pile.

Union Trust Co., Little Rock
that old building--
its striking art-deco
style notwithstanding--torn down for

The Visitor
A black
butterfly flies
the length of the front porch,
veers off and disappears. Oh! It
comes back.

c PL, dba lovepat press, 2015