Friday, February 26, 2016

Anniversary, a sonnet

In early February's grayness, bleak
with icy wind chill factors, roads to match;
depressive news besieging us with crime
and war and homelessness, I spend some time
remembering when love bloomed on my cheek:
a new forever love, a love unique,
I thought. Dame Fate inveigled me to snatch
you from a treadmilled, empty life, attach
myself. Your joviality refreshed
my soul--long steeped in silence. Bonded, meshed
in love, we wed amid red valentines,
those symbols cherished love defines, enshrines.
   While vicious winter plays its warring tune,
   I snuggle into memory's cocoon.

PL- 2004, published in Lucidity: A Journal of Verse, Spring, 1997

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February Etherees - poems

pour out
a saucer
full of trail mix
from SAM'S: finger-thick,
salted raisins go in
a glass jar; shake out peanuts
and cashews laced with M-and-Ms
on a napkin. The brightly-colored
candies jarred again for yogurt sundaes.

ice storm
on Christmas
of two-thousand
will be remembered
for its severity:
broken limbs and fallen trees--
many pulling down power lines.
Pioneers bundled up, lit candles,
soon refugeed to any place with heat.

thinks his budget
for the state's better
than the governor's plan.
What hubris! What chutzpah! What
egotistical bravado!
Then I recall that after college,
I thought I, too, could change my local world.

nature's fault;
twice bitten, it's
mine. I moved the car.
Hearing the soughing winds,
I quickly drove it farther
up the driveway. Spindly maple
limbs, even if they fell, wouldn't bash
the car's roof, as happened with oak branches.

PL, c 2016
Etherees were "invented" by a Malvern AR woman, Etheree Armstrong. A syllabic form of 10 lines, beginning with one syllable and ending with ten.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

"I heart u" poems

what to give a love
allergic to flowers
and chocolate
--Dot McLaughlin, NJ
from Connecting Our Houses,
Laster/ McLaughlin, 1997

Valentine chocolates
second week of Lent
PL - from seagull standing its ground, '16

Valentine's Day
on their anniversary
he files for divorce
PL - February's Fallout, '03

lacking the courage
to ask a widower out
on Valentine's
PL - from hearing puffs of snow, '06

Valentine's Day
a bouquet of spirea
forced to bloom inside
add to it 5 daffodils,
a spring of japonica
PL - from drop by drop, '13

after a walk
Valentine-candy breakfast
melting in my hand
PL - from winter's loose ends, '05

The pink satin heart,
his first valentine to her,
now filled
with buttons and bits of fabric
from forty years of marriage.
D. McL - from the still green horizon, 'o6

valentine flowers images

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Birds, birds, birds! --poems

"You fellows go on
I'll rest here on this rock
a little longer."
--penguin, photo, AD-G
S. Breidenthal

two juvies--
father bluebird
shows them how to drink

splashing each other
Fluffy Sparrow
and Mr. Redbird

Two Trips with Warm Water
in the birdbath
surrounds the plate of ice
beneath. February's sunshine

the gray bird I can't name
eating despite the rain

drenched mother redbird
on the icy limb . . . no food
she joins the robins

seagull on the sand
even when waves lap
through its feet

Friday, February 5, 2016

Fickle February: poems

A warm
winter day. I
bring four smallish houseplants
outside for a spate of fresh air.
Me, too.
Doves call,
dogs bark and folks
pass, returning from work.
Nearby, a robin chitters. Oh,
such peace.

as a flower-
show speciman, except
the iris blossoms several months
warming the cats,
while I use a lap robe--
gift from my son last Christmas--to
keep warm.
in the dining
room--small gray legs climbing
the screen until I rap the loose
The whump
of the blackbirds
leaving. Another whump
when they returned. The airplane adds
a drone.