Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dairy Hollow Writers Colony in the autumn-by Pat Laster

Once again--but the first time during the fall--I reside (for a week) at WCDH in Eureka Springs AR.
At the end of three sessions, the new Haymaker Group has dispersed after critiquing each others' poems to make them stronger -- the purpose of a critique group. The last two sessions were held in the Great Room here at the Colony. Meals were at Myrtie Mae's and Sparky's, both delightful respites from the happy "work" of critiquing.
I have the rest of the week to delve into my next one-or-two projects, now that the long-in-progress novel, A Journey of Choice, has been published (available at and Barnes &
I have two choices: a book of short stories--which allows me to stay in the weekly Hot Springs Writers' group--and a Compendium of Journal Jottings for the Central AR Writers' group that meets monthly.
In the meantime, here are a few more poems.

crow flies to a limb
jumps higher, then higher still
before flying off

maple leaf drifting
into the lemon-juice-laced
water for peeled pears

on the front porch
sunglasses needed against
the rising sun

at the tearoom: two ladies
talking stocks and bonds

moving the porch chair
to watch the full moon
rise through the oaks
insects singing
this late-October dusk

~~ c lovepatpress 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The new book is here, but October marches on

A Journey of Choice by Pat Laster, is available at and Barnes & Two book signings scheduled: At Piggott, November 2, and near the church library at Salem UMC November 7 after the traditional morning service.

Meanwhile, the season is amenable to haiku, senryu, sen-news (my terminology) and a cinquain.

Three Sen-News
the hum of failure
Baghdad's electricity

the blue Danube
now red with alumni sludge
from a breached dam

matter of balance:
right of privacy versus
subway safety

Three Haiku
hungry cats
gnawing on ripening pears
during the night?

younger cat
head-butting the older
in play

yellow butterfly
on a red cypress-vine bloom~
the mailman cometh

Three Senryu
passing a book
from Pat through Pat to Pat
on Poetry Day


one more rusty nail
from the forty-year-old

south this autumn
morning, I see roses;
north, a reddish sassafras grove.
I smile.

c lovepat press 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

Readers' comments: A Journey of Choice by Pat Laster

Just finished the book and it was GREAT! Where did all that come from??? - Did you pull any of it from real life? I loved it. I could never do that. I just don't know how. I don't have enough imagination and not enough of real life experiences. Congratulations! I 'm so glad you finished it while we are still going to retreat. It is proof that it can be done with lots of hard work. love ya Rita

Hubba hubba and hurdy gurdy !!!!! delightful thus far - I've only gotten to chapter 13. Hubba hubba and hurdy gurdy have a blessed day! ! ! (Will I find out what it means?) Has a happy little ring to it - we may have to adopt it as a little line! - Carol

I've started reading your book ... actually I'm more than halfway through it ... and I'm REALLY enjoying it. You did a great job!! And I'm truly sincere about that. I'm trying to figure out how it will end, but don't know yet, though I think Tom may play a bigger role in Liddy's life. Don't tell me if I'm wrong! I've been talking it up. We met Nolen's cousin and his wife in Branson this past weekend and she wants a copy. (They live in Sioux City)
Thanks for writing the book ... and I'm waiting for the next one!!!!

A Journey of Choice is available at and B&

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Birth of a new book --A Journey of Choice is online

THE BOOK IS OUT~!!! THE BOOK IS OUT!!! Finally, the pregnancy is over and the baby is here. Both author and book are doing fine.
Apparently it is selling well, according to friend and editor Sandy R. who lives in Oregon.
My Pasadena CA brother's clients are--to hear him tell it--buying it. One even showed him his name as listed in the Acknowledgments page. He gets his copy tomorrow.
Amazon and Barnes & Noble have it listed and for sale. Soon, I'll have other copies myself.
Word has gone out to all the Writers Colony at Dairy Hollow (Eureka Spgs. AR) alums. I heard from one in Chicago today.
The local newspaper called wanting information and photos for an article in Friday's paper.
No book signings scheduled locally since I have yet to receive my book order and my complimentary copies. Stay tuned. Er, online.

Pat Laster, new (and excited) author