Thursday, May 31, 2012

With apologies to Rodgers & Hammerstein...

"June is bustin' out all over..."

the basso warble
of the sandhill crane
in its mating dance
[publ. Haiku Headlines]

cleaning the spare room
for an early-summer guest~
a still-hidden egg
[publ. Piedmont Literary Review]

the pond
hemmed in by foothills~
summer heat shimmers
[publ. Season's Greeting Letters,
and Poets' Roundtable of Arkansas
Anthology, 2007]

and old men
on the Promenade
[publ. Hot Springs AR Sentinel Record's
mailaway edition]

cows in the pond
up to their bellies
one-hundred degrees
[publ. 37 Cents e-zine]

flag moving slightly
but the windchimes are mute
a cardinal's 'chit'
[publ. 37 Cents e-zine]

May your writing "bust out" all during June.

c 2012 by Pat Laster dba lovepat press

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Birds and butterflies

by Pat Laster

a pair of bluebirds
the female bathing
in shallow water

Two crows
near the pecan
tree are divebombed and screamed
at by a mother mockingbird.
Even so,

they fly
up, disappear
into the tree. The bird
cries. I rush out and clap my hands.
They flee.

black butterfly
stopping at each lamb's ear bloom
then starting over

two brown thrashers
living up to their names
in the birdbath

lighting on the fallen
oak branch

swallowtail sips
from the Easter lily
but goes back to the lamb's ear: bloom-

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The irony of senryu

Senryu, being of the same form as haiku, but about people and situations, has been a helpful vehicle for those items in the news--be it in the sports world, the political arena or in the realm of the personal--that catch my fancy. Below are a few.

World Peace, the athlete
beating up a fan he thought
threw a drink at him   
~~~(idea from Wally Hall, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, May 16, '12)

forced therapy
before she reads the paper
rankles the patient
~~~(personal conversation with B. F. about her mother, 5/16/12)

worst thing
to read in an obit:
"recently retired"

minding everyone's business
but their own
~~~(Bob Lancaster, Arkansas Times, 3/3/05)

after tornado
a piece of the obit page
fifty miles away
~~~(news article 3/31/98)

reading along
I come to a ladybug
is it reading, too?
~~~(while reading Gene Fowler's Skyline, 2/14/12)

I eye you
you eye him
none of us happy
~~~(picture: Putin's guards as he walks by: AP, 5/8/12)

Reminder: Nowadays neither haiku nor senryu must have 5-7-5 syllables unless a contest specifically calls for "traditional". 

JOIN MY CAMPAIGN: do away with contests that require traditional haiku.
poems c 2012 by Pat Laster dba lovepat press

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Poems from the card file

the new computer
doesn't speak
to the older one

new Medicare card~
tryst with a long-admired

inside, Finale
of 1812 Overture
outside, thunder

my $50
poetry prize signed over
grandson's birthday

one detention hall
during the entire 9th grade
--for no pencil

cat emerges
from under the sofa
when the storm passes

hole in the screen
a tiny black insect
crawls down my nightshirt

disappears--a squirrel?

c 2012 by Pat Laster dba lovepat press

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mother's Day poems

home for Mother's Day
three desserts at dinner . . .
each child's favorite
by Dorothy McLaughlin, published in Connecting Our Houses, co-written with Pat Laster, 1997, ISBN 0-9661791-0-2 by lovepat press

The following are by Pat Laster, with the collection title and date added.

the refrigerator art
for Mother's Day
~~~ May Day ~ May Day ~ May Day, 2003

child's bright idea:
"Mommy, take the doll shopping
for my Mother's Day
florist son
too busy to call her
on Mother's Day
~~~ along the creek bank, 2005

first Mother's Day
without her
on the front porch
in my Mother's Day lawn chair
first rain in a month
a week late
the unsigned Mother's Day card
from my youngest child
~~~on the same page, 2006

second Mother's Day
without her
~~~a bird calls at dusk, 2007

c 2012 by Pat Laster dba lovepat press