Saturday, October 29, 2016

Amid the human cacophony, the need for stillness - POEMS

Photo by C. Hoggard

just before sunrise
a flock of birds
breaking the stillness

to the stillness of a phone
that doesn't ring

still summer morning
whirr of a hummingbird
purr of the cat

the stillness
of the morning
and then the bluejay
These are my poems included in Season's Greeting Letters - 2017, a world-wide publication of only haiku and tanka, collected and published by Mohammed H. Siddiqui, Baltimore. Each year, he mandates a theme, and poets can submit as many poems as they wish, before June 30 each year. If interested, contact me for further details. 

Photo by N. Ziegler, Oak Ridge. A garden in memory of his wife and my aunt, Arlene

Friday, October 21, 2016

A medley of forms -- poems


school shootings
nothing new--
a century ago
   two boys
   in an outhouse
[OTHER DAYS, Western Grove, AR]
western sun
breaks through
ominous cloud cover
   like a flashlight--
   just for a second
even after lunch
I continue to read from
the loaned haiku book
   stopping now and then
   to write one of my own
one more time:
washing the quilt I made
looking for whole blocks
   nothing worth keeping
   except memories


fresh sweet water
from a stream
that runs to the lake
judges deconstruct
the best poems
to determine rank
my state the first
to nominate a phone booth
to the Register
{Prairie Grove AR]


I would
collapse, too, if
I heard from the judge that
my bail was set at twenty-five
Thank you,
Mr. Biker,
for the quiet hum your
machine makes as it passes by
my street.
c PL, dba lovepat press

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Haiku for Autumn - traditional and modern

brown thrasher's
daily bath
my daily treat
squirrel finally finds
the fake corn I provide
leaves birdseed alone
two new maroon blooms
on the first-year clematis
early fall's cool snap
windfall pear--
the bottom half
too cool
for the AC
too quiet
the vet
my other name
but not me
58 degrees--
me with a jacket
the worker shirtless
through the sprinkler
a rainbow
Upstate Dim Sum
such spare haiku
c  2016, PL dba lovepat press, Benton AR USA