Thursday, April 16, 2015

Poetry blog: April through the years


through the pollen
thing twice--at home, again
in north Arkansas. Oaks just now

"Myrtie May's"

and tourism--
a swap-off. Seeing the
forest through the windows of the

"Power Restored"

From black
to blinding light;
from silence to the din
of hums, thrumbs, clicks of a noisy

[from The Observer, Arkansas Times,
4. 27. 2011]

"Late April"

My yard
a-scent with lush
limbs of blooming privet
and honeysuckle--a generous
nose nosh.

a devotion
using "worry stones," we
toss them plop, plop, plop into the

chicken, boiled eggs
for an Easter salad,
the old conundrum pops up: which
came first?

c 2015 Pat Laster dba lovepat press

Thursday, April 9, 2015

(What I call) the Yellow Rose of Texas--in the backyard - PL
"Surprise X Two"
oh  my gosh! es:
Yellow Rose of Texas
in full bloom! Near the street, a white
after the stroke
he gardens
in orange buckets
 [4. 2. '15]
a t-storm brewing
north of here
first taste of melon
redbud and thrift
spent daffodils
by the henbit
a patch of bluets
... and a violet!
through new oak leaves
and haze of dusk
the gibbous moon
c Pat Laster dba lovepat press 2015

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Flowers into verse

steady rainfall/ under the young tulip tree/ pink and white petals
eve of summer/ I plant marigolds/ where the pansies died

dead of winter/ two yellow mums bloom/ on closer look … silk

before the ice storm/ fresh camellias/ grace each room
peepers croak/ from a marshy bog/ here, violets bloom

before daffodil/ or purple martin/ a killer tornado

petals fallen/ under the red camellia/ April’s rain in March

jonquils/ drooping in their first rain/ the umbrellaed walker
c 2015 PL