Sunday, January 31, 2021

A long-ago Abecedarian poem by Billy Paulus

 Christmas, 2020. Pat and millennial Billy

(A)ny time you have nothing to do.
(B)ecause they're really fun to play.
(C)an be a great way to make new friends.
(D)oes not let you give up.
(E)xcellent way to spend the day.
(F)orgives you when you die in the game.
(G)ives you hope for an extra life.
(H)elps your thumbs get stronger.
(I) can't stop playing them.
(J)ust keeps me going at night.
(K)indly gives power ups when you need them.
(L)ets you work out your frustrations on aliens.
(M)akes you look before you jump that gorge.
(N)ever take your eyes off the screen.
(O)ffers a short cut to the end of the level.
(P)uts up with you yelling at it.
(Q)uiets you down as you play through.
(R)eminds you to always to succeed.
(S)tops you from having to be active.
(T)eaches you life lessons, like never trust aliens.
(U)nderstands yout plight.
(V)arys from game to game.
(W)ants you to win.
(X)-pects you to play . . . forever!!!
(Y)ea!! I beat that level!!!
(Z)jfguyeweriug is what the aliens say.

--Billy Paulus, Block 2, January 23, 2008. [senior, age 17]
In April Counts' English class, Benton (AR) High School
 ~ ~ ~ ~
Pat here: I only discovered this when going through papers saved, as writers do. Billy (whom I raised) gave his permission for me to use it here.
I first wrote an alphabet poem in 1984 [age 48] as part of "Writing Across the Curriculum" course taught during the summer at BHS, from OBU.
Last year as part of an MFA poetry course, [age 83] one of our assignments was an Abecedarian poem. 
Of course, I was delighted to come across this poem. Billy loved Ms. Counts enough to tell me he wanted to give her a gift since she had taught him so much. I, too, thank you, April Counts.

c 2021, Billy Paulus/ Pat Laster dba lovepat press, Benton AR USA

Friday, January 1, 2021

Poems for January 1 from 1997 - 2021

 New Year's morning
quiet after the light snow
except for the creek

January first
each dated tree ornament
a year older

old calendar with new
full of things to do

New Year's project:
finding the stuff I stashed away
before Christmas

23 degrees
first day of the year, I read
Season's spring haiku
(Carolyn Thomas)

New Year's morning
just like any others
at least at daybreak

first day of new year
two inches of snow
and no birds

first day of new year
reading all eight earlier 
haiku booklets

c 2021, PL dba lovepat press, Benton AR UA

Friday, December 11, 2020

Blogging: Poems from December 11's haiku booklets/ calendar

From an earlier year

hidden under hosta/ till after the freeze/ --Easter egg -  Connecting Our Houses

took no hostess gift--/ she thanked me with a bottle/ of homemade wine - poems for December

blowing bubbles/ at primary school corner/ balding policeman - dynamic December

picking up/ everything on my list/ even without it - in front of the moon

a year later/ tossing the holiday card/ from a former friend - a branch of red leaves

a Greek connection/ 3 students die & 5 hurt/ over alcohol - rising to the top

one more comic strip/ has slipped into the archives/ Bill Keane's passing - where to set the tree

fall cleaning/ taking the rake/ to his room - breaking the ice

2020 one of two rooms with plants overwintering

c 2020, PL, dba lovepat press, Benton AR USA

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Autumn: Theme and Variations - poems


(Amphion pattern)

God's handiwork is all around:
        Bright red leaves,
        Wheat in sheaves,
Fertile farms where flock abound;
        Shaded cows
       chew and drowse;
Mountains' multi-colored dress;
        draped in shrouds:
God's bounteous works are limitless.

Variation 1
                Neville pattern

God's handiwork is all around:
 in scarlet, yellow leaves
and golden wheat in sheaves.
Sun-burnished pasturelands abound;
leafy groves shading cows
that switch and chew and drowse.
God's goodness--in all life--profound.

Variation 2

The autumn beauty's everywhere--
magenta, scarlet leaves,
bronzed stands of wheat in sheaves;
sun-burnished pastures, fragrant air;
umbrellaed groves whose boughs
shade drowsy brindle cows--
creation's annual fall affair.

Variation 3

AUTUMN SONG (a Pantoum)

God's handiwork is all around,
Magenta, scarlet, yellow leaves;
sun-burnished pasturelands abound,
cut, ripened wheat stands bronzed in sheaves.

Magenta, scarlet, yellow leaves,
umbrella groves of sassafras,
cut, ripened wheat stands bronzed in sheaves--
a visual banquet unsurpassed.

Umbrella groves of sassafras,
a camouflage for brindle cows,
(a visual banquet unsurpassed)
which nonchalantly chew and drowse.

Like Garland's fresh-shaved stubble, gold,
sun-burnished pasturelands abound,
and I sing with the oriole,
"God's handiwork is all around."

Variation 4

Minute pattern

The autumn beauty's everywhere--
in fragrant air,
magenta leaves,
bronzed wheat in sheaves.
Sun-burnished pastures stubbled gold,
lone oriole,
umbrellaed groves
--bovine alcoves--
a visual banquet unsurpassed,
a rich repast.
All senses share
fall's love affair.
--poems from my book, Variations, 1994

c 2020, PL dba lovepat press, Benton AR USA

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Blogging: Poems about nature's animal and bird beings


the only one

to visit the feeder

while I'm sitting near by social


~ ~ ~ ~


The long-

unseen chipmunk

accesses the steep steps

of the south porch. From the swing, I


~ ~ ~ ~

A squirrel

heads this way till

I call "nyah!" It turns back

and disappears, waiting till I

go in.

~ ~ ~ ~

When I

notice a bird

bathing, I smile. Living

with respect and care for nature's


~ ~ ~ ~

a crow

carrying off

the thrown-out corncob

~ ~ ~ ~


Not quite

back in the house

from filling the feeder

when I see a gray chickadee

fly in.

~ ~ ~ ~


A long

time between sips--

What does the robin think,

see, wonder about, cogitate


~ ~ ~ ~

Ah! Pool

all to myself.

Though it's cooler today

than it has been, it's okay, says


~ ~ ~ ~

c 2020, PL dba lovepat press, Benton AR USA

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Already September? Where has this year gone? POEMS

Son's hanging pot of summer plants


inside and out,
cloudy, rainy, humid.
Early September; seasonal

disturbed by sounds
of rain on gardenia
leaves outside the open window:
~ ~ ~

before my eyes--
pot of purslane
~ ~ ~

More of son's gardening results

The fly
and I fighting:
it has speed & I have
a plastic, floppy flyswatter.
Fly wins.
~ ~ ~

outside than in
this fifth of September,
even in the sun on the swing.
~ ~ ~
c 2020, PL, dba lovepat press, Benton AR USA
NOTE: A September Cinquain monthly booklet is now available. If you want one, IM your mailing address.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Poems: Untitled Cinquains for August

Shadows of Summer

At dusk,
a firefly joins
me on the porch as I
cool off from yardwork. Is it a 
"Peace!" sign?
~ ~ ~

A squirrel
chirrs forlornly--
its nesting tree was trimmed
and its life-long homeplace was hauled
~ ~ ~ 

of the "shoe tree"
cut back to lose burden
now that the roadside has a new
~ ~ ~ 

shades the rocky
roads to the riverbank.
A cold spring feeds the swimming hole:
~ ~ ~

or chagrined that
I gave the right answer
to a riddle the collegian
~ ~ ~

shows his grandson
an old-timey shoe horn.
"Can you play me something on it,

Slight breeze--
slight tinkles from
wind chimes this cool morning
in early August. Has summer

c 2020, PL, dba lovepat press, Benton AR USA