Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Suddenly September

nearing Labor Day
the Encore azalea blooms
and a gardenia!

still, breeze-wise
but lots of noisy pickups
on the way to work

not seven a.m.
the school bus stopping for kids
interrupts traffic

"Cool Mornings"
If I
didn't insist
on reading the paper
the first thing each day, I could do
yard work.

the first failure
in 44 supply hauls
the Soyuz shuttle

Two days
into the school
year, the principal shot
and killed. Even private schools not

about football
and Gatorade flavors,
soldiers photograph Arlington
grave sites.

the governor
who eased car-tag renewal?
his license expired

c August 31 2011 by Pat Laster dba lovepat press

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Adieu to August--a potpourri

the only human word
on the trail

quiet, 3-block street
a short cut used for
dirt-hauling dump trucks

on the last page
of my journal ... flagging
story ideas

riddle: a yard full
of dogs, but none bark
or bite? (plaster casts)

first love ...
the way a new book's pages

a fine line:
being there for someone
and being used

Eureka Springs:
the tolerant town that lives
on tourism

Alzheimer's victim
murdered for the Cadillac
she couldn't drive

c 2011 by Pat Laster dba lovepat press

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A respite from the dog-days of August

"Debt Default"
at the last minute--
as everyone knew it would--
DC inked a deal

reading the paper
behind the porch post, away
from morning's sun rays

monument to stubborn faith
in word power

clili for breakfast
the 16-year-old
who stayed up all night

60th birthday
his goal: running from Ola
to Little Rock

since yesterday's rain
the dove calls more often~
roar of a bike

dewy grass
at the edge of the porch
stops the cat
c 2011 Pat Laster dba lovepat press

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Poems amid the heat of August-'eleven

a lone yellow zinnia
that came up from last year's seed
perky in the heat

humidity climbed
as the mercury dipped
Dow Jones plummeted

"Presidential Easing"

holes in Arctic
seabed by drilling wells
granted conditionally to
Dutch Shell.


wooden benches
brimming with spectators
the only noise in the courtroom
when Jeffs,

was convicted
of assaulting two young
girl brides and "teaching" them how to
"please God."

board, brought down from
the attic, held a shock:
a crease in the foam padding hid
mouse pills.

on one section
of a Provence beach banned.
Scofflaws risk a fifty-dollar

only three blooms
but two-dozen pink buds
on the birthday plant

c August 2011 by Pat Laster
dba lovepat press
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A Journey of Choice

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

WARNING: The last post jumped off my screen before I finished or corrected it

Don't ask me how or why? I edited it after I discovered it, but the PUBLISH bar ignored me. When I finally got to the VIEW BLOG, it was NOT the corrected version ("ealy" instead of "early," "drom" instead of "dorm," )etc. I couldn't figure out how to erase the darn thing. So here is a disclaimer. I DO know how to spell. pat laster

August poems

punching holes
in the darkness
(from a sermon
by Tom Frase)

an August cool snap
sitting outside for the first
time since ealy June

a cool snap~
robins on the crispy lawn
searching? finding?

the drom rather than clean out
the modly AC

dove hunting for sport
the universal symbol
for peace . . .
(from Tad Bartimus)