Friday, December 26, 2014

Visions of sugarplums? NOT

day after Christmas--
full-page ads from retailer
and car dealer
[PL -12. 26. '14]

From Baghdad: (two found poems)

in what's left
of our town
you can't tell
who's 'friend,'
and who's 'foe'

refugee child
asked Santa
for a red dress
but he delivered
purple. She's happy.
[PL -  ideas from M Hennessy-Fiske, LA Times]

On Christmas
Sierra Leoneans
staying put--
fear of Ebola
[PL - found from article by S. Gbandias, Bloomberg News]

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Poems from other Decembers, from other poets, too

laden cedar branches
made silent by the snow
nothing at all to hear

[from the late Dion O'Donnol's every day living, 1997]

Christmas shoppers;
into the blind beggar's cup
a silent snowflake

[Dorothy McLaughlin, from our flip calendar, connecting our houses, 1997]

looking up
from my Christmas reading~
thicker icicles

[PL - from Poems for December, 2002]

the full kettle's
garbled whistle~
twenty-two degrees

[PL - from Dynamic December, 2003]

last of the pound cake
I baked for two parties
is now my breakfast

[PL - from rising to the top, 2012]

Auntie's first Christmas
   not only an orphan
   but now a widow

[PL - from a branch of red leaves, 2005]

Thursday, December 11, 2014

pittypatter: Advent 2014

~Advent Wreath-Google images~


Advent: 2014
(an Octo sequence)

It’s Advent—twenty-fourteen now--
too many years since last I wrote.
I fill my time with handbells, choir
--requiring diligence--and bills
and cats and house and med refills.
I fill my time with handbells, choir.
Too many years since last I wrote,
it’s Advent—twenty-fourteen now.
I used to write an Advent verse
each year, till life got in the way--
especially after I retired.
I penned one novel, then one more.
Activities came to the fore,
especially after I retired.
Each year, till life got in the way,
I used to write an Advent verse.

I hereby vow to take more time
to celebrate the Advent Child,
to live expectantly each day
as if the second-coming’s near;
make ready, leave no room for fear.
To live expectantly each day,
to celebrate the Advent Child,
I hereby vow to take more time.
PL - 2014

Thursday, December 4, 2014

December poems

street signs
at Frozen and Geyer
growing icicles
muzzling a Magi--
they set up the frat lawn's
Nativity scene
blue-glass mobile
chiming in December wind--
student in short sleeves
Hal Borland:
"December's the price
we pay for June"
filling the feeder
and knocking holes in the ice
the bluebirds return
PL - dba lovepat press