Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Birds, squirrel, cat and storms - poems

Wren flies
to the metal,
bird-topped shepherd's hook, looks
at it as if to ask, 'where can
I nest?'

How to
describe bird's sound?
Oh, 4 feet of iambs!

A squirrel
digs in the yard
close to the house. Even
when I ask it what it's doing,
it digs.

cardinal lights
on the yard tricycle
before flying to the suet

Watch out
bird! I'm closing
in on you and your feast
of roadkill. I don't want to smash
you flat!

A storm
thundered in, moved
east, leaving gentle rain,
fresher air, and a scared, old cat

the storm and rain
the grey cat follows me
outside, but stays close to the door,
in case . . .

thunder rumbles,
quiet-like; the cat mews
quietly, too. Soon, both increase
their noise.
c 2017 PL bda as lovepat press