Thursday, January 30, 2014

One-twelfth of the new year gone already

sweeping the rug
one long cat whisker
and then another

before tonight's freeze
plucking four inch-high buds
of daffodils

graveside service
momentarily halted
two geese fly over


5 degrees outside
55 inside, with ice
on the thin windows
   layered and lap-robed
   I watch birds out in the sun

blackbirds in the yard
pecking among the crisp leaves
robins on the roof

cat wiggling
through the barely-open door--
below freezing

c 2014, PL lovepat press

Thursday, January 23, 2014

soughing of the wind

hard rain
on the chimney cap--
the wind chime

rattling this old house--
my shallow breaths

soughing of the wind
silenced . . . the rising roar
of the plane's passing

up and down,
cats in, cats out--
I bang my heel

no ice cream--
I try meditating
on haiku
[after Santoka Taneda, from Haiku Mind, by P. Donegan]

c 2014, lovepat press, PL

Thursday, January 16, 2014

unheated attic --
window lace frosted inside,
     icicle bars outdoors
--Dorothy McLaughlin, from
Connecting Our Houses, 1997

receiving the November-
December issue

her Ford Escape

the clap of thunder--
a flock of starlings
where the robins were

in a swollen river
a freighter and a pickup
which doesn't belong?

winter sky
on the end of the high branch
a clump of leaves

c 2014, lovepat press

Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year's goals, resolutions. . . (breaking)


Most new year's resolutions fade,
for we will trade
most anything
keep a-wing
of long-held habits--dark, entrenched--
although to quench
them, we apply
the old standby:
our annual resolutions ploy--
a mere decoy.
We'll never change,
just rearrange.

from variations, 1994, PL

in the silence
hearing resolutions

from New Year's Project, 2006, PL

a five-year plan
that changed
every day

from  the late  Dion O'Donnol's
day to day:a haiku year, 2002

Thursday, January 2, 2014


barely clear of holiday cards--
IRS greetings

New Year's week
pink top of hyacinth
emerges from the leaves

lighting a candle--
kitchen match burns on and on
into blackness

child at the window
the sun's strange effect
on icicles

the cardinal
among the gray birds
on the snow

trip from Florida
his Honda hits an ice patch
goodbye, car
c lovepat press 2014