Friday, December 31, 2010

last day of the year

last day of the year
outside on the porch swing
watching the clouds pass
last day of the year
sixty-three degrees
portending a storm
last day of the year
intermittent showers
and the windchimes
last day of the year
poinsettia flag
furling, unfurling
last day of the year
on the euonymus
a jay and a squirrel
last day of the year
the clouds have gone
now,the sun's brightness
last day of the year
the last day of processing
Kodachrome film
last day of the year
two hours of outside work
before the rain
last day of the year
discarding credit card
c 2010 by pat laster, lovepat press

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011. Hoping one of your resolutions is--if you haven't already done so--to read my first novel, A Journey of Choice, available at b&

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Even more kind words for A Journey of Choice

My sister-in-law caught me before I left the organ at church this morning, saying, "I've read your book and finished it, but I didn't want to quit reading. Get another one going."
Lew Taylor, Stillwater OK, to me
"I finished subject; all in all a masterful job,well researched and well written. The format, or presentation, is new to me. I do not know if it is original, but it is not mainstream....As I said, a masterful work, which you no doubt know better than any one else. I wish I had the energy."
In a couple of Christmas cards:
"Enjoyed your book. It cries for a sequel, so get busy!" - from friend, Pat Guthrie
"...I just love your book...." Anne Beyers, friend and neighbor
from Doris Wood, a high school classmate:
Pat, finished reading your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. I realize that
Liddy comes from another time and place. However, it was difficult for me
to understand why she would stay with a husband all those years without
love or the warmth of companionship. I'm glad she ended up with Tom. I
like happy endings. Congratulations on a good read. Wishing you much
success in promoting the book. There's a vast audience who would read
your book if they only knew it existed. Good luck (have you got another
one in the hopper?) dw
Deanna to me
"My sisters-in-law all enjoyed your book and want to know when you will write another one.Three of the five finished the book in one sitting." - Deanna Dismukes,a friend who wrote a blurb for the book's cover.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 's nearly gone

In the sun,
swirling steam
of coffee makes
ever-changing designs
on the liquid surface.
Two more
rusty cuphooks
coming out of the old
house's doorway-without-a-door--
for several days,
my car's windshield reflects
the details of a maple leaf
with veins.
concert--how could
they stay away from their
cell phones & iPods for ninety
mid-December's cold
a mockingbird eating
keeping the birdbath leaf-clear
and full of water
c Pat Laster, author A Journey of Choice
lovepat press,
December 15 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More kind words for A Journey of Choice

Dorothy Johnson (Little Rock) to me

"Glad you liked the pictures and, of course, you can use my comments. I did enjoy your book. Liddy probably represents a good number of young women who struck out on their own without knowing the ways of the world. In every age, there are takers like Heth who leave a trail of hurt behind them, good men like Tom who pick up the pieces and folks like the doc who mean well but shouldn’t always push their solution to the situation."
Kitty & Ray Barton (Benton) to me

Just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed your book.
We wrote a short review tonight on amazon.
Kitty and Ray"
Sandy Raschke(Madras OR) to me

"Hi Pat,
Journey arrived yesterday, and I want to say thank you for the lovely inscription and acknowledgment. I-Universe did an excellent job on the printing and packaging, which is really important nowadays. I sat down last night and read the whole thing! The one thing that could have been expanded upon was Heth's stay with the gypsies, as I thought your original version was one of the highlights of the story, but I realized, since you had changed the structure of the novel to have each character speak in his/her own voice, that shifting that episode to the gypsy leader made sense.
I guess you'll be selling up a storm, especially in light of the holidays. Danielle Steele--move over!"
Book signings: Thursday, Jan 20 - 6 -7:30 Saline Co. Library - Benton
Tuesday, Jan 25 - 6;7:30 Saline Co. Library - Bryant
See Library Newsletter for information on author and library.

A Journey of Choice - Pat Laster available on and barnes&