Thursday, July 22, 2021

A Few Summer Poems



My back'

to the roses

by the Couchwood Drive sign,

their beauty stands for others to




when I sit out,

I should look around for

something new. Today, it's rain on

the ramp.



when I look out, 

I see six white toadstools

of different sizes on the south

side yard.



female redbird

perches on the shepherds

crook above the purslane pot. Then

she bathes.


Night bugs

not waiting for

dark to begin their songs.

Now, polyphonic arias


c 2021, PL, dba lovepat press, Benton AR USA

Saturday, June 26, 2021



Eagerly, I decorate
intensely for Halloween,
ever mindful that I'll be late
in enjoying it, being between
Orlando and home in a limousine.


Every Wednesday when I go
in search of someone to talk to who's
easy, pleasant, who might have dough
intended for blowing on booze . . .
Oily snake that I am, I schmooze.


Eschewing sleep to write, I nest
in comfy, well-lit loveseat,
Etch-a-sketch in hand--my guest.
Ideas found in doodles beat
oblique ones. What a treat!

c 2021, PL dba lovepat press, Benton AR USA

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Now that National Poetry Month is history, how about a blogful of shorties?



Nineteen/ days without a/ poem on Facebook, so/ I'll make up for it & post on/ my blog! (5. 19. '21)

[NOTE: Can't get Blogspot to single space, so I'm dividing poems with slashes where the lines should be. Sorry.]

--weekend's/ sleep-in foiled...first by the cat/ then by a crow

--bargain luxury/ organic strawberries/ five bucks a quart

--his homework not done/ blaming me: no pencil/ in the car

--just like my mother's--/ kitchen windowsills full/ of starter plants

I go/ to mail birthday/ cards and watch two yellow/ buses pass on this last school day./ I wave.

Before the rain, late spring, yesteryear

                    c 2021, PL dba lovepat press, Benton AR USA



Wednesday, March 10, 2021

MARCHING RIGHT ALONG: cinquain sequences



Some bring

the same "eats" each

time: chips & dip, homemade

pimento-cheese sandwiches, cake

--all loved.

As in

my Thanksgiving

"pot" that's always diff'rent

each month, I take something "off beat":



peanuts (parched), or

pecan halves, Hershey bars,

summer sausage. This month, green, white


left from

St. Patrick's Day

decorations, plus bars

of leftover frozen brownies.

Yay, Spring!

~ ~ ~ ~  (2017)



the day-long rain,

the greening of the trees,

the chirping of the songbirds are


"Tell it!"

the mockingbird

orates from the topmost

branch of the small redbud. "Sing it,


But where

have the doves gone?

Why have they moved out of

earshot? First, the whipporwills, now

the doves.

 (2016) ~ ~ ~ ~

woodpecker @ suet

c 2021, PL dba lovepat press, Benton AR USA

Sunday, January 31, 2021

A long-ago Abecedarian poem by Billy Paulus

 Christmas, 2020. Pat and millennial Billy

(A)ny time you have nothing to do.
(B)ecause they're really fun to play.
(C)an be a great way to make new friends.
(D)oes not let you give up.
(E)xcellent way to spend the day.
(F)orgives you when you die in the game.
(G)ives you hope for an extra life.
(H)elps your thumbs get stronger.
(I) can't stop playing them.
(J)ust keeps me going at night.
(K)indly gives power ups when you need them.
(L)ets you work out your frustrations on aliens.
(M)akes you look before you jump that gorge.
(N)ever take your eyes off the screen.
(O)ffers a short cut to the end of the level.
(P)uts up with you yelling at it.
(Q)uiets you down as you play through.
(R)eminds you to always to succeed.
(S)tops you from having to be active.
(T)eaches you life lessons, like never trust aliens.
(U)nderstands yout plight.
(V)arys from game to game.
(W)ants you to win.
(X)-pects you to play . . . forever!!!
(Y)ea!! I beat that level!!!
(Z)jfguyeweriug is what the aliens say.

--Billy Paulus, Block 2, January 23, 2008. [senior, age 17]
In April Counts' English class, Benton (AR) High School
 ~ ~ ~ ~
Pat here: I only discovered this when going through papers saved, as writers do. Billy (whom I raised) gave his permission for me to use it here.
I first wrote an alphabet poem in 1984 [age 48] as part of "Writing Across the Curriculum" course taught during the summer at BHS, from OBU.
Last year as part of an MFA poetry course, [age 83] one of our assignments was an Abecedarian poem. 
Of course, I was delighted to come across this poem. Billy loved Ms. Counts enough to tell me he wanted to give her a gift since she had taught him so much. I, too, thank you, April Counts.

c 2021, Billy Paulus/ Pat Laster dba lovepat press, Benton AR USA

Friday, January 1, 2021

Poems for January 1 from 1997 - 2021

 New Year's morning
quiet after the light snow
except for the creek

January first
each dated tree ornament
a year older

old calendar with new
full of things to do

New Year's project:
finding the stuff I stashed away
before Christmas

23 degrees
first day of the year, I read
Season's spring haiku
(Carolyn Thomas)

New Year's morning
just like any others
at least at daybreak

first day of new year
two inches of snow
and no birds

first day of new year
reading all eight earlier 
haiku booklets

c 2021, PL dba lovepat press, Benton AR UA

Friday, December 11, 2020

Blogging: Poems from December 11's haiku booklets/ calendar

From an earlier year

hidden under hosta/ till after the freeze/ --Easter egg -  Connecting Our Houses

took no hostess gift--/ she thanked me with a bottle/ of homemade wine - poems for December

blowing bubbles/ at primary school corner/ balding policeman - dynamic December

picking up/ everything on my list/ even without it - in front of the moon

a year later/ tossing the holiday card/ from a former friend - a branch of red leaves

a Greek connection/ 3 students die & 5 hurt/ over alcohol - rising to the top

one more comic strip/ has slipped into the archives/ Bill Keane's passing - where to set the tree

fall cleaning/ taking the rake/ to his room - breaking the ice

2020 one of two rooms with plants overwintering

c 2020, PL, dba lovepat press, Benton AR USA