Saturday, February 25, 2023

Winter is waning, but is it over ? TEN HAIKU

                        perfect sleet cover / except for the imprint / of an oak leaf

                   the great elk / his breakfast just beneath / the dusting of snow

                                 blue jay / on the frozen birdbath / carping?

              in winter's grayness / a ground-level dandelion / brightens . . . portends

                  cat sitting in snow / black on white / next glance, only white

                       a piece of leaf / in my snow ice cream / February's end 

 late-winter cold front / the empty yard swing moving / in the northwest wind 

 warm winter dusk / the sounds of children outside / spawning memories

                                               icicles / yet it's thundering / this morning 

                               going for the mail / to no avail / box lid frozen shut

c 2023, PL, dba lovepat press, Benton AR USA


Wednesday, January 18, 2023



a windblown leaf


the red light



forcing the duo inside

with their wedding plans


ducks ignoring calls

from the governor


the expensive doll

meant to impart lesson

of the Depression


before the ice storm

cutting camellias

for every room


the young man says

"I hate taking your money"

yet holds out his hand


four days after snow

temperature warm enough

to open the door


cold . . . blustery

forced daffodil blossoms

warming the table


green daffodil spike

on its way to new growth

spearing a dry leaf


c 2023 PL, dba lovepat press, Benton AR USA

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Mid-November poems


four colors of fall

on the foot-high pin oak

field mouse scampers

~ ~ ~ ~

waiting till morning

to photograph the flowers

alas, it's raining

~ ~ ~ ~

in darkness' chill

gossiping geese fly

to safe nesting place

~ ~ ~ ~

her father's pickup


for her student loan

~ ~ ~

A bird,

a butterfly,

a falling leaf all flit

and flutter under the orange


Soft glow

of the mantel

decorated for fall:

Lisa's churn, autumn leaves, pumpkins,

gourds, nuts.

scratching itself

the young squirrel nibbles

on last year's acorns

~ ~ ~ ~

c 2022, Pat Laster dba lovepat press, Benton AR USA

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Fingers, fist, knees or noses: a Gardenia pattern poem



October 24, 1939

In an effort to reduce 

stealing of bird dogs, 

Police Lt. . . Kauffman began taking the noseprints of such animals at the Whittington Avenue fire station this afternoon. More than 50 owners had impressions taken of the noses of their dogs. A charge of 50 cents was made to cover actual expenses, and for this the owners got the dogs' noseprints . . . ADG.

The sheriff proposes

that printin' dogs' noses

will cut down on thievin'

and keep us from grievin[.

Let's stop all our riddlin'

and fork out a piddlin'

four bits (fifty cents)

to cover expense.

We'll keep those illegals

from stealin' our beagles!

c 2022, PL dba lovepat press, Benton AR, from VARIATIONS, Second Printing, 1995

Friday, September 2, 2022

Early September poems from then till now


100 miles
just to hear his grandson
play the trumpet for 11
-- September Cinquains, 2003
~ ~ ~~ ~
bookstore window
in the university town
Latin Can Be Fun
--from A Patch of Yellow, 2005
~ ~ ~ ~
MIKU (minimalist haiku)
into salvia bed
from just before dawn, 2006
~ ~ ~ ~
her friends' grandchildren
Sunday School songs
from a lamp to work by, 2012
~ ~ ~ ~
early September
the last red leaf falls
fom the poinsettia
from a crisp brown leaf, 2015
~ ~ ~ ~
stand of yucca
finally sprouts 3 bloom
stalks after I decide they are
from September Cinquains, 2018
~ ~ ~ ~


in Florida

a prime example of

risky behavior: 3 cyclones

this month.

from September Cinquains, 2020

~ ~ ~ ~

flood's detritus: a

purple/yellow basketball

and empty birdcage

from fishing off the dock 2021

~ ~ ~ ~


in the newly-formed lake

a neighborhood of roofs

from train whistles at night, 2022

c 2022, Pat Laster dba lovepat press, Benton AR USA

Thursday, August 11, 2022



                                         Hello again. Seems I can't manage to be regular at blogging.

Here are some poems for mid-August from several of my monthly booklets I mail to friends who've expressed an interest in them.

cool, crisp summer nights--

deer sniffing around coolers

in sight of campers 

--from "Connecting Our Houses," a year's flip calendar, '95

~ ~ ~ ~

hurricane's wake

more shells in the dune

than on the beach

-- from "It's August Already?" 2003

~ ~ ~ ~

the inland cousin

rubbing wet sand into

the jellyfish sting

--from "only sky and sand" 2005

~ ~ ~ ~

orange mushrooms 

in the mesh of grass fern

a dragonfly rests

--from "fishing in the clouds" 2010

~ ~ ~ ~


the lilac beautyberries

turn purple

--from "the lighter side of darkness" 2012
~ ~ ~ ~

mimicking me

the cat reaching out her paw

as I pass the bed

--from "along the walking trail" 2020

~ ~ ~ ~

on Mom's birthday

eating a nectarine

in her memory

--from "all of a sudden" 2021

~ ~ ~ ~

"Rain's coming"

the online forecast says

it's only raining leaves

--from "maple leaves sing" 2022

c 2022, PL dba lovepat press, Benton AR USA

Saturday, June 25, 2022

It's already late June?? Poems


tree trunk encroaching

on grave marker

T - A - Y - L -

~ ~ ~ ~


unleashing a 2-inch rain

--he surfs the street

~ ~ ~ ~

old stuccoed buildings

the color of summer melons

         the rusty gate~ ~ ~ ~

following to see

why the cat creeps to the door

--the neighborhood tom

~ ~ ~ ~

slower and slower

up Martindale Hill

a crow in the pine

~ ~ ~ ~

picking up the pace

airplane & thunder above

the walking trail

~ ~ ~ ~

c 2022, PL dba lovepat press, Benton AR USA